Vladimir Putin: Russia should introduce eco-friendly technologies in the country’s industry.

Russia cannot postpone its response to the existing environmental issues and has no plans to delay the implementation of the decisions made earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin said Tuesday.

“We cannot put the brakes on [the response to ecological problems], the decisions to delay several events have been made… but we will not postpone anything else,” Putin said at the State Council meeting on Russia’s environmental development, adding that the situation with emission of air pollutants was dangerous.

He added that Russia’s authorities should ensure preparation of necessary legislative acts in order to introduce eco-friendly technologies in the country’s industry.

Russia’s environmental resources are significant for the whole planet, as the country possesses immense resources, in particular “fresh water, forests and biological diversity,” the president explained. Russia’s potential allows it to be the world’s “ecological donor” that provides the planet with about 10 percent of biospheric stability, Putin outlined.