Vladimir Putin Noticed Positive Environmental Projects Performed by MMK

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin has marked the environmental initiatives of Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works with a letter, sent to the company’s employees, in the course of the celebrations of the Day of the Metallurgist. The letter from the Russian President read that ‘I thank you for the active part you have played in the preparation of events held throughout the Year of Ecology in Russia’. MMK is one of only five companies in Russia which have been awarded such a high accolade.

In total, last year MMK implemented several dozen projects for the reduction and prevention of its industrial impact on the environment with a record-high investment of more than RUB 4 billion.

These projects included:

1. The reconstruction of the sulphur capture systems (the reduction of overall emissions into the atmosphere by 24.7 thousand tonnes)

2. The modernisation of the gas-cleaning unit in the Electric Arc Furnace (the reduction of emissions by 1.8 thousand tonnes a year)

3. The construction of aspiration systems for casting beds in blast furnaces No.9 and No.10 (the reduction of dust emissions by a minimum of 190 tonnes per year).

In 2018, MMK’s environmental investments are set at RUB 5.5 billion, up nearly 40% from the previous year. In total, in line with the company’s environmental policy, MMK plans to spend more than RUB 38 billion on the implementation of environmental projects before 2025. Of this, RUB 21.7 billion will be spent on the air quality protection, RUB 10.9 billion on the recycling of waste and the reclamation of previously mined land, and RUB 5.5 billion on the water facilities protection.

MMK’s environmental activities are highly valued by the expert community, by Government bodies and international organizations. For its 2017 results it was included in the top ten companies for environmental responsibility amongst the mining and metallurgy companies in Russia, an initiative developed by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). The consistent reduction of harmful impact on the environment and the introduction of the best available technologies are some of the most important elements in MMK’s strategy, which guarantees the long-term and sustainable development of the company.