Vladimir Putin calls on to accelerate digital economy development within Eurasia

Russia considers it necessary to accelerate the development of digital economy within the Eurasian Economic Union (EAUE), Russian President Vladimir Putin said in his address to heads of EAEU countries released on the Kremlin website, TASS reports.

“We consider it necessary to accelerate implementation of the whole ‘digital agenda’ of the Union, and to coordinate efforts on the development of ‘Internet economy’, the creation of general digital trade rules, equal standards of exchange and protection of information”, the statement said.

The Russian Presidents called on to install high technologies in public administration, industry, customs regulation systems and other spheres, as well as to launch joint competitive, innovative and knowledge-intensive industries.

He also highlighted the need to actively engage the business circles in integration initiatives, including big, small and medium-sized businesses.

In addition, Russia’s leader said there are good opportunities for deepening the ties between the EAEU states in the fields like the nuclear energy, renewable energy sources, ecology, medicine, space, tourism, and sports. Russia also proposes to pay more attention to the social-humanitarian cooperation.