Ukraine Plans to Produce Small Nuclear Reactors with U.S. Holtec Company

Ukraine holds the negotiations with the American Holtec Company on the production of the small nuclear reactors at its territory. Valery Chaly, the Ukrainian Ambassador to the U.S. claimed this as 112 Ukraine reported.

“I talked with the Holtec president and he said he is ready to place the production of the small nuclear reactors in two countries of the world. One country is India and he was searching the second country. So that’s, among all countries we won this right, I talk about this as not about the committed act of the production but the process has begun and we plan to produce the small nuclear reactor together in the future,” Chaly said.

He emphasized that it is a multi-billion project at the territory of Ukraine that will give the working places and high level of the cooperation in this sphere.

American Company Holtec International constructs the central storage of the spent nuclear fuel.

As we reported Head of the administration of Ukraine’s president Ihor Rainin and Ecology Minister of Israel Ze’ev Elkin have discussed the practical step for the acceleration of the signing of the agreement for the free trade between two states.

Also, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko met with General Curtis Scaporotti the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the US in Europe and discussed cooperation issues.