Ukraine accuses Russia in liquidation of a Crimean reserve

The Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine declares that Russia destroys the Opuk nature reserve in Crimea, using it territory for military manoeuvres.

“We are very concerned about the Opuk nature reserve, which is located on the Kerch peninsula. Unfortunately, a Commando Brigade was situated in the territory of the Opuk nature reserve even before the annexation of Crimea. But, there was an agreement that the territory of the reserve would not be used for military manoeuvres and exercises. As of today, we have information that the Russian military aviation destroys this reserve,” said Department Director of the Ministry Lesya Karnaukh at a press-conference.

“The Opuk nature reserve is a sort of oasis in the salty lakes and semi-deserts area, so the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources tries to do its best to meet the eye of world community with what is happening on the peninsula,” added the environmentalist.

As a reminder a large-scale flight aviation tactical training of the Southern military district of the armed forces of Russia took place in Crimea at the beginning of June this year. The exercise involved more than 2500 militaries.