Togliattiazot accuses local Voronezh region authorities in the damages on Transammiak pipeline

Half a year passed since the major accident occurred on the ammonia pipeline of “Transammiak” in Ternovskiy district of Voronezh region. During this time almost every single authority was trying to understand the causes of the incident: investigative committee has two criminal cases opened on the fact of the damage with imposed fines of more than 855 million rubles, Ministry of Emergency Situations (EMERCOM) making the attempts to stop the irresponsible activities of the owner of the dangerous pipeline, while local authorities hope a court would help them to compensate large financial losses.

The only people who are trying to fake around are the owners of Transammiak company and Togliattiazot production facility — the Makhlai family, whose members are hiding abroad and are wanted by Interpol. Despite flagrant violations of safety identified by rescuers at hazardous production facilities, the company comes up with new excuses to avoid responsibility. In its latest statement the former head of Togliattiazot corporation Vladimir Makhlai accused in the damage of pipeline local governor of Voronezh Region Alexei Gordeyev.

As stated in the comments of Mr Makhlai to the information resource, a breakthrough of ammonia occurred in Voronezh regions is a planned “provocation” by the head of the region. Allegedly he was thinking to make the sidebar in the tube and transport his own ammonia without rail costs. The complicity of this criminal offense in which Makhlai accuses Alexei Gordeyev he also suspects the ex-senator and owner of Rossosh Fertilizers Nikolai Olshansky. But Mr. Olshansky has nothing to do with the Voronezh manufacturing giant, nor to the ill-fated pipe has.

To remind you the story, Russian ecological organization Green Patrol reported on the accident of ammonia leakage from largest domestic ammonia pipeline. The incident occurred in Ternovo district of the Voronezh region of Russia on June 21. According to the press-release issued by Green Patrol, maximum permissible concentration (MPC) of ammonia in the place of pipeline split exceeded the norm 29 times. The emission led to serious pollution of air, surrounding soil and water sources. The accident caused irreparable harm to local flora and fauna, including agricultural crops and forestry. Thousands of dead fish bodies surfaced the river of Sukhoi Karachan. The damage caused with the loss of crops alone was evaluated at 10.2 million Russian rubles ($182,000).

Russian newspaper Pravda reports that during the accident 5 tons of deadly poisonous ammonia spilled into the atmosphere. Local authorities had to evacuate 800 people from the surrounding area. Several people were said to have been injured.

Local governor Alexei Gordeyev initiated a lawsuit against the owners of the ammonia pipeline — Togliattiazot company — and have prosecutors and supervisory agencies to get details and causes of the accident. Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered to take the situation under special control, as nearly 1,400 kilometers of the ammonia pipeline run through the territory of Russia – via Samara, Saratov, Tambov, Voronezh and Belgorod regions.

First estimates of the costs of ammonia pipeline leakege which occured on June, 21 in Ternovo district of Russia equaling to 856,2 mln. roubles. The amount of damage caused to the fields, is not less than 855 mln. rubles, while the damage to the river Sukhoi Karachan, where thousands of fishes were killed by the accident is around 1.2 mln. rubles.

On September, 30 the Investigative Committie of the Russian Federation in the Voronezh region began its investigation into the leak of ammonia and gave this prelimionary estimates. The investigators already confirmed that the main cause of the accident is poor-quality of performance of the repair works on the pipeline. As follows from the ministry’s statement, “a leak of liquid ammonia from the flange of the ball valve was due to poor quality of repair work on the pipeline, carried out in May 2014”.

It should be noted that the head of Voronezh region Alexei Gordeyev has repeatedly publicly criticized Transammiak company, mentioning that company’s work in the Voronezh region is very bad and that the company totally socially irresponsible.

The presence of ammonia — such a serious subject, endangering the life and activities of the people and the whole of our economy — must first be expressed in the fact that you have to communicate on a regular basis and municipal districts, where the ammonia pipeline, and with the Government of the Voronezh region .

Probably Makhlai family and Vladimir Makhlai who was so offensive in the Russian press are trying to defense themselves with a popular Russian trick — counter-attack. Let’s see who will win in the end, some government official or oligarch family.