South African holding Eskom is awarded for energy efficient programme by Russian government

South African state-owned power utility, Eskom, announced that its Integrated Demand Management (IDM) programme has won an award for the promotion of energy efficient ways of living.

Eskom Group Executive for Group Capital, Abram Masango accepted the award on behalf of the utility at an industry-related conference in Moscow, Russia last week.

The power utility won the category titled Foreign project in the sphere of energy efficiency recommended for implementation in the Russian Federation.

Energy efficient programme

The energy efficient programme, is focused on attaining “short-term security of electricity supply through coordinating and consolidating various programmes and initiatives aimed at helping the business and residential sectors to optimise energy use and contribute to balancing supply and demand on the national power grid,” the utility said in a statement.

According to the power utility, the energy efficient programme is focused primarily on:

  • Energy Efficiency Demand Side Management (EEDSM) – promoting energy efficient electricity use by supporting behavioural change and the switch to energy efficient technologies, systems and processes.
  • Energy Management Programme (EMP) – assisting business customers to improve their energy efficiency.
  • Energy Conservation Scheme (ECS) – aiming to achieve a 10% energy reduction amongst customers that use more than 25GWh per annum.
  • Demand Response (DR) – incentivising customers to reduce load on request as a measure to help balance demand and supply on the national power grid.

Encouraging energy efficient behaviour

The energy efficient programme is aimed at changing its consumers’ behaviour when it comes to efficient energy consumption, through providing advice on electricity smart behaviour and replacing energy intensive technologies, systems and processes with energy efficient solutions.

According to the utility, between the programme’s implementation in 2004 and 2013, over 3,800MW in energy savings has been achieved, enough for a full year’s electricity consumption by the City of Tshwane.

Eskom added in a statement that the measured and verified savings for the 2014/15 financial year amount to 4,125MW.