Sergei Makhlai was called the anti-person of the year in the field of ecology by Green Patrol

In the end of 2015 public ecological organization Green Patrol made its annual ecological ranking. Noteworthy, that Sergei Makhlai came in the list as anti-person of the year. In the final ranking for 2015 there was one major innovation, commenting the results chairman of the organization Andrei Nagibin in their public statement. Since the end of October 2015 we have sent requests for information to all regions of the Russian Federation regarding the level of public funding for environmental projects. We received responses from 67 of the 85 regions, whileBryansk, Pskov and Moscow responded to inquiries, but did not provide information, specifying a source in which we can independently get information of interest to us.

Most of the North-Caucasus regions have ignored our requests. In our “environmental rating of regions of the Russian Federation,” we finally have taken into account the willingness of local authorities to cooperate with non-governmental organizations for the provision of the information requested. Thus, we were able to gather relevant information on the amount of costs in the regions of environmental protection measures, including, in per capita terms in a particular subject of the Russian Federation. The index we put out to the public in a test mode, waiting for your suggestions and comments. In mid-2016 we will be ready to submit the final analysis of the new index.

Sergei Makhlai, the owner of a controlling stake of “Togliattiazot” and principal owner of “Transammiak” who is hiding from the Russian prosecution in the United States was named the anti-person of the year in Green Patrol rating, mostly because of the accident in the Voronezh region on the ammonia pipeline which occured in June 2015 miraculously not killed 800 residents of the Voronezh region. Experts of the Green Patrol have recorded the facts of serious violations of the law within 12 hours after the accident and submitted materials to the prosecutors office of the Russian Federation.

Ruman Pukalov, director of environmental programs of Green Patrol told in the statement, that “This year was particularly heated debate in the Expert Council of the” Green Patrol “on summarizing 2015. Nominations for Vladimir Putin(the best) and Sergei Makhlai (worst) were out of the competition, the decision was unanimous. But as happened in 2015 in the field of ecology, that the choice of the most positive and most negative event was very complicated. Continues to please rise ratings of Moscow, Krasnoyarsk Territory, the Saratov region, but the collapse of garbage, in my personal opinion, has not been canceled, and this problem is very acute problem will soon rise to number one all over the country.