Sergei Ivanov supervises the expansion of exhibition area of the Moscow Kremlin Museums

In his opening remarks, Mr Ivanov noted that the museum had a special historical status as the main depository of Russia’s state regalia.

In keeping with the President’s decision, the Middle Shopping Arcade building in Red Square belonging to the MKM complex shall be used as a modern and visitor-friendly exhibition centre following due restoration and reconstruction.

Head of the Presidential Property Management Directorate Alexander Kolpakov and General Director of the Moscow Kremlin Museums Yelena Gagarina described the work done to define conceptual solutions related to the interior design and the architectural style of the facades. They also dwelled on tenders held to choose the general contractor for the reconstruction.

It is planned that the new MKM exhibition complex will consist of two interconnected buildings: the first building represents the historical premises to be restored, which will house display rooms, restoration workshops, a library, educational centres, cafés, shops, as well as administrative and supporting services. The other 4- or 5-storey building, which is still at the design stage, is intended for the museum depository, an event hall, entrance halls, and a service parking.

The facility will have advanced world-class MEP systems, while the planning solutions provide for displays and premises to be accessed by people with limited mobility. Under the plans, the new museum and exhibition complex is to be commissioned in December 2020.