Russian Parliament cancels the ban to build in nature conservation areas

State Duma, the Russian Parliament, has adopted amendments allowing to create within natural conservations the areas, where commercial activity is permitted, RBC agency reports on Wednesday. In the opinion of ecology experts, this may be used for resort construction.

A so-called biosphere proving grounds are allowed now in the conservation areas of Russia, according to the newly adopted amendments.

Until now, biosphere proving grounds could be adjoined to the territories of state conservation areas just for purposes of scientific researches, public monitoring activity and implementation of new methods of rational use of natural recourses.

The amendment envisages creation of such biosphere grounds not just close to conservation areas, but directly on their territory.

Moreover, while it’s prohibited to carry out commercial activity on the territory of conservation areas, biosphere grounds provide for such possibility. In particular, the issue concerns capital construction projects and infrastructure objects connected to them.