Russian Hydrographic Service Confirmed Schoolkids Discovered an Island in Arctic Ocean

The Russian Hydrographic Service has officially recognized a couple of Moscow region teenagers’ discovery of a new geographical feature in the Arctic Ocean. The next requisite stage is a Russian Navy mission to the site. Military hydrographers will resume exploring the Novaya Zemlya (newfound land) archipelago area, only this time they’ll be joined by the two students responsible for the discovery: Artyom Makarenko and Valeriya Sayenko. The researchers will set sail this summer.

14-year-old Artyom from Dedovsk and 15-year-old Valeriya from Khimki both participate in Risksat’s youth program teaching kinds to analyze satellite images, applying the data to ecology, history and geography.

The teenagers followed glacier movements through satellites for almost a year. In December, 2017, they noticed the “brace” between the island and the Vilkitsky glacier crashing down due to melting. Makarenko and Sayenko reported their finding at the Korolev summit in Samara on January 31.

The new island hasn’t been named yet, but Roscosmos’ collage has it as the “Schoolkids’ Island”. The discoverers suggested the name “Manatee” (sea-cow) because “it’s shaped very similar to that marine animal.”