Russian ferry Korund in danger after engine failure at Belaya River in Bashkiria

The ferry Korund suffered engine failure during passage of failure at Belaya River in Bashkiria, Russia. The vessel lost control and was adrifted by the strong currents toward the shore houses. The crew sent distress signal, as the high water river was bringing the vessel to the shores. The local fire boat responded immediately to the scene of the accident and took the ferry under tow and prevented grounding or even capsizing. The vessel was towed to safe depth in clam waters, where all the passengers and crew were transferred to the rescue boat and brought ashore. The vessel was towed and docked for further repairs and special safety inspection.

“The river in the period of high water is unpredictable, as it has a very strong current. The ship could be carried downstream and the emergency situation would be inevitable”, explained the commander of the fire boat, Denis Levshenkov.
Fortunately during the accident there were no report injuries, no damages and no water pollution. The investigation for the root cause is under way.
The ferry Korund is owned and operated by the Ufa River Crossing Service. The vessel is operating on regular service at Belaya River in Bashkiria.