Russia delaying global warming almost by a year, says Vladimir Putin

Russia has over-fulfilled its commitments under the Kyoto Protocol, with its greenhouse gas emission cuts comparable with the annual volume of atmospheric pollution by all the countries, Russian President Vladimir Putin said at an UN conference on climate change in Paris on Monday.

“We have over-fulfilled our commitments under the Kyoto Protocol,” the Russian leader said.

According to Putin, in 1991-2012, “Russia not only prevented an increase in greenhouse gas emissions but also considerably reduced them. Thanks to this, about 40 billion tons of carbon dioxide equivalent didn’t get into the atmosphere.”

For comparison, greenhouse gas emissions by all the countries totaled 46 billion tons in 2012, Putin said.

“That is, it can be said that Russia’s efforts have made it possible to delay global warming almost by a year,” Putin said.

Russia has managed to cut greenhouse gas emissions considerably by modernizing the economy and introducing environmentally-clean and energy-saving technologies, the Russian president said.

“Moreover, we have simultaneously managed to actually double GDP over the same period. I want to say by this that it is quite possible to pay necessary attention to development, ensure development and care about nature,” Putin said.

Russia has “moved to one of the first places in the world by the rate of reducing the energy/output ratio in the economy, cutting it by 33.4% in 2000-2012,” Putin said.

“Following the implementation of the program for the energy-efficient development, we expect to cut the energy intensity ratio by another 13.5% by 2020,” the Russian president said.

The global warming consequences are bringing ever more noticeable economic damage and destroying the usual habitat for humans, Putin said.

“The solution of the climatic problem is crucial for the quality of life of all people on the planet, economic growth and sustainable development of whole regions on Earth,” the Russian president said.