Rio Olympics 2016: Worst Olympics Ever?

The 2016 Rio Olympics in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil has been linked to numerous issues. One of them is about its readiness to host a big event and there are factors proving it.

Top concern for the upcoming event is the Zika Virus that has been lurking in the country. It makes the Rio Olympics doubtful of the organizers, especially to the athletes.

Brazil had hosted the 2014 FIFA World Cup and the country constructed so many stadiums that derailed the economy, education and health sector.

According to Bleacher Report, Zika is hindering some athletes, especially golfers, in participating in the “greatest show on earth.” However, organizers are making sure that the 44 competition venues are safe and tested.

In addition, the water pollution is another major problem in Rio Games. There were some body parts found in the proposed beach volleyball venue last June 29.

Also, budget problems are also derailing the event given that they constructed and prepared so much for for the games. Security is also vulnerable because the fund is not enough to support guarding the most prestigious event in the world.

Per TWC Central, ticket sales are also a major concern. A lot of tickets are still not sold out considering it will be a major sporting event. Politics also got involved due to corruption and Brazil’s president Dilma Rousseff is facing impeachment due to economical deficit.

Also, the social instability comes into play. There are numerous suggestions that people should just watch in their home and not attend the game, the reason why the tickets are not sold as they should be as of the moment.

The Rio Olympics this year is full of uncertainties and suspicions. Question is, can Brazil really deliver on their hosting or it will spark a much bigger problem in the country especially in security and economy once the games start?