Pamela Anderson would protect animal rights in Vladivostok

American model-actress Pamela Anderson is in Vladivostok, Russia, to address ecological and animal cruelty issues at the Eastern Economic Forum.

President Vladimir Putin is due to address the gathering of Russian and Asian business leaders Friday.

“I wanted to visit this country because there are many strong leaders. I want to come here to talk about ecological problems so that it will lead to massive changes,” Anderson said after a meeting with Russian Natural Resources Minister Sergei Donskoi.

In addition to her meeting with Donskoi, Anderson also visited a rehabilitation center for tigers and leopards that live in the region that was hit by heavy flooding last week.

Anderson is a special guest at the forum, where she intends to pitch Putin on the conservation of whales, and the need to protect endangered species.

She had sent a letter to Putin in July asking him to block the passage of the Winter Bay cargo vessel through the Northeast Passage. The vessel was reportedly carrying more than 1,700 tons of fin whale meat from Iceland to Japan.

“The world can be a greedy, selfish place, but let’s keep in Tolstoy’s spirit by letting Russia’s wildlife be free and not enslave animals for our amusement or profit. Our children learn more about them through nature films than seeing them miserably confined, and it sends a harmful message,” Anderson wrote on Facebook.

The Pamela Anderson Foundation is devoted to human and animal rights, as well as to environmental issues.