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Norilsk Nickel admits pumping waste into Tundra

The world’s biggest nickel producer, already at the center of an investigation into a massive Arctic oil spill, is facing a separate probe into why…

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Critics call out financial and social costs of Georgia hydro dam

For much of their existence, 17 mountain villages in Georgia that border neighbouring Russia – located in an area known as the Upper Svaneti –…

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National tourism project to appear in Russia

In Russia, a new project is being developed — the 14th national project aimed at supporting domestic and inbound tourism. This is reported by «Izvestia»  with…

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Over 100 million cubic meters of sea bottom removed for natural gas project in Russian Arctic bay

Never before has the Arctic seen an industrial expansion of this magnitude. In only few years, volumes of extracted hydrocarbons have been boosted and shipments…

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Russian scientists assume forests responsible for making both rain and wind

Every summer, as the days get long, Anastassia Makarieva leaves her lab in St. Petersburg for a vacation in the vast forests of northern Russia….

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Mechel Launches Upgraded Steelmaking Equipment at Chelyabinsk Metallurgical Plant

Mechel reports on launching two upgraded key facilities at Chelyabinsk Metallurgical Plant (part of Mechel Group) – blast furnace #4 and converter #1. Investment totaled 4.5…

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Shining a light on international energy inequality

A new study examines energy inequality for income classes across 86 countries, from highly industrialised to developing ones, revealing extreme disparity in energy footprints, both…

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Plans for road near radioactive site lead to fury in Moscow

As soon as they heard about the plans for a new road in south Moscow, a small group of residents and scientists tried to oppose…

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