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Study shows beluga whales form social networks beyond family ties

A groundbreaking study using molecular genetic techniques and field studies brings together decades of research into the complex relationships among beluga whales (Delphinapterus leucas) that…

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WWF targets Vladimir Potanin for Russia’s biggest oil spill

Billionaire Vladimir Potanin just wants to live a quiet life. But when his company Norilsk Nickel spilled over 20,000 tons of diesel into the Arctic,…

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The uncertain future of Russia’s airlines after COVID-19

Following the ban on international travel, coupled with a slump in domestic flights, Russian passenger airlines are finding themselves in a crisis, together with their…

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Norilsk Nickel admits pumping waste into Tundra

The world’s biggest nickel producer, already at the center of an investigation into a massive Arctic oil spill, is facing a separate probe into why…

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National tourism project to appear in Russia

In Russia, a new project is being developed — the 14th national project aimed at supporting domestic and inbound tourism. This is reported by «Izvestia»  with…

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Over 100 million cubic meters of sea bottom removed for natural gas project in Russian Arctic bay

Never before has the Arctic seen an industrial expansion of this magnitude. In only few years, volumes of extracted hydrocarbons have been boosted and shipments…

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Where have the swans gone?

Nearly 13 kilometres per year: that is the rate at which the wintering area of Bewick’s swans has shifted east over the past 50 years….

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Russian scientists assume forests responsible for making both rain and wind

Every summer, as the days get long, Anastassia Makarieva leaves her lab in St. Petersburg for a vacation in the vast forests of northern Russia….

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