Oil spilled at Far Eastern Marine Reserve in Russia

Oil spilled at the waters of the Far Eastern Marine Reserve off the coast of Khasan district of Primorye, Russia. Tourists spotted an oil film in the Bay Telyakovsky, which is partly affected the Marine Reserve. The responsible for the pollution is not yet determined, but according to a witness evidence and assumptions of the local authorities, the spill was caused by warship, which was anchored in vicinity. The local authorities started investigation for the accident and took immediate actions for cleansing the water. The oil spots were restricted by oil booms to prevent extension and reaching the shore.

“Tourists noticed oil film at the water in Bay Telyakovsky. Their assumption is that the source of contamination could be the warship, which was anchored in the southern part of the bay Telyakovsky at a considerable distance from the shore, but not able to identify it”, said the environmental agency.

Part of the Far Eastern Marine Reserve is located in the Khasan district. The water and the bottom of the unique territory is inhabited by more than 5,000 species of animals and plants. Far Eastern Marine Reserve is one of the richest of species waters of Russia.