Nornickel Begins to Align With Ecology

The 7th Ecological forum was held in one of the northern Russian cities – Murmansk on 15th and 16th of November. Nornickel, a Russian mining and metallurgical company, was the organizer of the event.

Bellona, being an independent non-profit organization, which works towards attaining a better ecological understanding, was used to criticize the Murmansk region of Russia quite aggressively in the past. However, over the course of time, the situation in the region has changed. The initiatives taken by Kola GMK, a subsidiary company of Nornickel, were aimed at achieving a fast ecological recovery in the Murmansk region despite its challenging location in the north.

Furthermore, the last ecological rating list of Russian regions has shown that Murmansk progressed to the 7thplace. These results were highly recognized by international ecologists.

Alexander Nikitin, the general director of Bellona subsidiary in Russia has shared his opinion on the Ecological forum, “The intentions of Nornickel to match up to the global standards of nature protection are evident. We are open to share our extensive experience with them as a part of our international cooperation activities.”

Alexander Nikitin also noticed that the Murmansk forum is quite different from the previous nature protection events including the ecological conference in Krasnoyarsk city, Russia. This time, the program has been considerably extended and it included some of the best nature protection practices trending internationally. The forum has also opened its doors towards international partnership.

According to the general director of Bellona, the discussions covered not only the technical aspects of the industrial ecology, but more importantly the possibilities for future partnership in terms of ecological protection and environmental education. This altogether makes us think very highly of the chosen development path of the Murmansk region.

“The activities of the Nornickel aimed at production improvement in terms of ecology and multiplied by international experience in resolving ecological problems of Bellona can very well result into an effective synergy of two companies,” said Alexander Nikitin.

He also noticed a high level of openness of Nornickel, what proves once again its intentions to resolve environmental problems together with international organizations.

“Today Nornickel speaks the same language with us,” concluded the Russian head of Bellona.