Norilsk Nickel Ecology Marathon Accounted 3,500 Volunteers

More than 3,500 volunteers participated in Nornickel’s ecology marathon, the company’s press service said on Thursday.

“During the ecology marathon from May to September, 2017, personnel of the Norilsk Nickel Company had more than 70 ecology actions of various scales, planted more than 1,000 trees and bushes,” the company said. “The project featured more than 3,500 volunteers.”

The volunteers worked at park areas and natural reserves, organized promotional ecology events, collected waste. This year, Nornickel’s ecology initiatives attracted representatives of major Russian companies and organizations, including the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF).

The company handed to best volunteers money certificates worth from 50 to 100 thousand rubles ($870 – 1,740). This money will be used for organization of new ecology actions. In mid-September, most active participants in the ecology marathon will go to the company’s ecology meeting in the Lapland Natural Reserve.

The year 2017 is announced in Russia the Year of Ecology and the Year of Special Natural Reserves.