New Russian oil dispersant invented by Gazprom

The Russian state oil and gas producer Gazprom has announced that it has developed a new oil dispersant substance that they claim promises improved performance over existing materials. The announcement was made at the commissioning ceremony of a production unit for material that took place at the facility of the Safe Technologies company in St. Petersburg.

The new substance was developed by Gazprom Vniigaz which is the core research centre for Gazprom. The new substance is called BIOROS and it is claimed to be an innovative product for cleaning up oil spills. It is claimed to be more effective than similar products that are made in both Russia and abroad and it is claimed that it is effective in providing quicker oil spill removal at a greater range of temperatures, from 5° to 45° Celsius.

At the commissioning ceremony it was stated that the research leading to the start of production of the BIOROS biodegradation agent was a result of Gazprom’s cooperation with several domestic companies which is aimed at manufacturing products that can replace imported substances. A biodegradation agent is a substance that removes oil spills using special micro-organisms, which feed on oil products such as lubricating oil, fuel oil, diesel fuel and a variety of other oils. The Bioros is effective when used in the air and on water, so it can be used as a clean up agent for a wide variety of oil spills. It is supplied as a white powder in bags that can be spread on water by a variety of methods.

The product has been awarded the Gazprom Science and Technology Prize for its innovative technology. BIOROS and its application technology are protected by Russian patents and the biodegradation agent will be produced by Safe Technologies under a license agreement.

Safe Technologies Industrial Group is a Russian enterprise that comprises a number of companies focused on the design and construction of environmental, industrial and chemical facilities, as well as on the development of waste management solutions.