Mitas and Russian OEM partner join forces on environmental initiative Thursday 

National Geographic readers with a keen eye for the rubbery rings will spot the Mitas name in a feature about Russia’s Lake Baikal. The Trelleborg company recently partnered with Russian agricultural equipment company, Rostselmash, in an initiative aimed at raising awareness of the lake’s unique ecosystem.

In March 2017, in collaboration with National Geographic Magazine, a photo and video session was held at the frozen Baikal Lake. Mitas comments that the extreme conditions of -25 °C “demanded top of the range equipment,” such as Versatile 2375 tractor with double-mounted Mitas 520/85R42 AC85 tyres.

“Through this project we want to highlight that Mitas tyres can work reliably and efficiently in all conditions,” says Jozef Rúček, managing director for Mitas in Russia. “At Lake Baikal, this was pushed towards the extreme but it is good to know that even in such demanding conditions Mitas tyres are a partner that farmers can rely on.”

Rúček adds: “2017 is the “Year of Ecology” in Russia. Thanks to this initiative we helped to draw attention to Lake Baikal itself and we believe that our project will be another piece in the mosaic of educating about this wonderful area.”

The thickness of ice at Lake Baikal was tested by the 5.5 metre-wide Rostselmash tractor, which weighs 11.69 tonnes. The layer of ice on the lake was around a metre thick in March, however, and therefore even the heavy agricultural vehicle didn’t threaten its integrity.

Mitas and Rostselmash are long term business partners. Mitas is an original equipment supplier of tyres for Versatile tractors and combines in the Russian market.