Metsamor NPP accessible for terrorists, says Greenpeace

The Metsamor Nuclear Power Plant in Armenia is a source of pollution for a large area, All NPPs are hazardous, especially the ones that still operate after expiration, Greenpeace Russia energy program project manager, renowned energy expert Rashid Alimov said in a statement to APA’s Moscow correspondent.

He added that Metsamor once resisted an earthquake. “That is, the project is already too outdated and fails to meet modern standards. Metsamor has no protective cover and modern security system,” he said.

The expert stressed that in case that any accident occurs in Metsamor NPP, several research institutes, so far, have conducted researches on detecting potential pollution areas. “On of these is the research conducted by Austria’s Scientific Institute on Earth. The research concludes that in case that any accident occurs in Metsamor NPP, a large area, including Azerbaijan will be polluted. It is said that depending on weather condition, a possible accident in Metsamor NPP may pollute a large area and this will be very dangerous for the region”, he said.

Alimov said that Metsamor NPP increased the interest of transnational criminal groups and terrorists, engaged in trafficking of nuclear material, in the region. “Metsamor NPP can be attacked in case of military operations nearby and it is accessible for terrorists,” he said.

The expert said there is a great potential for both Armenia and other regional countries to use renewable energy sources. “Outdated and dangerous blocks of Metsamor NPP should be closed,” he said.