Kazakhstan adopts new draft of Environmental Code

The government of Kazakhstan approved a new draft of the Environmental Code on 24 December, which was presented by Ecology, Geology and Natural Resources Minister Magzum Mirzagaliev.

The main principle of the new Environmental Code is “the polluter pays and corrects,” Mirzagaliev said during the presentation of the project. “This principle implies measures to prevent pollution and control, but also responsibility for restoration from environmental damage. Thus, the state should create conditions under which it is more beneficial for nature users to take measures to prevent negative effects on the environment than pay environmental fines,” Mirzagaliev said.

Another important principle is the introduction of the best available technologies and economic incentive measures, the minister said. Enterprises that have introduced new technologies will be released from pollution charges. The new code has a total of seven principles.

According to the Minister, in Kazakhstan, the main share of emissions, about 56%, falls in central and north Kazakhstan where the main industrial enterprises are located. If the authorities do not take appropriate measures, then, according to the forecast, in 2030 emissions of pollutants will amount to 3.6 million tonnes.