Dmitry Medvedev signs the plan of priority projects implementation — ecology is in the list

Russian Prime-Minister Dmitry Medvedev signed the decree and order on the process and implementation plan for priority projects and programs of strategic development.

As it is said on the website of the Cabinet of Ministers, the process sets the rules of the project activity organization, settles the structure of its management, initiation, preparation, implementation, monitoring and completion stages of the priority projects and programs.

The structure includes standing bodies of project activity management (Council presidium, federal project office, coordination bodies, executive project offices), temporal management bodies formed for the project implementation and secondary bodies of project activity management.

The plan of priority measures for project activity organization for 2016 and 2017 was adopted by the governmental order. It includes organization measures, regulations and methodical support, creation of the automated information data system for project activity, project activity participants’ competence development.

To remind you, the major lines of the strategic development of Russia until 2025 are health care, education, small business and individual entrepreneurship support, utilities and urban environment, mortgage loan and rental housing, safe and quality roads, monotowns, ecology, international cooperation and export.