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Russia’s Yakutia may face more deadly wildfires next year says the governor

VLADIVOSTOK, Russia (Reuters) – The governor of Russia’s northern province of Yakutia, which suffered from widespread wildfires this summer, warned of the risks of a…

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A startup wants to bring mammoth back to earth by 2027

You’ve heard of startups building computer chips, delivery drones and social networks. One called Colossal has a very different goal: bringing the woolly mammoth back from…

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Norilsk Nickel Pledges Additional $1.3B to Industrial Safety

Russia’s biggest metal and mining company Norilsk Nickel, owned by Vladimir Potanin, has added an Industrial Safety component to its comprehensive, sustainable development programme already…

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China successfully launches Gaofen-13 remote probing satellite

China successfully launched the Gaofen-13 remote probing satellite, which will be used in ecology, agriculture and surveying, China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation announced Sunday….

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Second mass death of marine animals occurs off of Russian peninsula close to where 95% of seabed life died last week

A mass death of marine animals has been discovered off the coast of a Russian peninsula just over a week after a similar finding in…

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Russian Surfers Say Mysterious Pollution Is Poisoning Them

Blurred Vision Surfers in Kamchatka, Russia are reporting that the ocean water is leaving them with poisoning-like symptoms, CBS News reports. “For several weeks now, all surfers…

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Study shows beluga whales form social networks beyond family ties

A groundbreaking study using molecular genetic techniques and field studies brings together decades of research into the complex relationships among beluga whales (Delphinapterus leucas) that…

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WWF targets Vladimir Potanin for Russia’s biggest oil spill

Billionaire Vladimir Potanin just wants to live a quiet life. But when his company Norilsk Nickel spilled over 20,000 tons of diesel into the Arctic,…

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