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Russian Ecology Minister Tours Mechel’s Chelyabinsk Facilities

Russia’s Natural Resources and Ecology Minister Dmitry Kobylkin and Chelyabinsk Region’s Governor Boris Dubrovsky paid a working visit to the Group’s Chelyabinsk production site. They…

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Toxic green snow in polluted Russian town sparks environmental protests

Toxic green and black snow falling on Russian towns has sparked mass protests against pollution. Residents in Pervouralsk were horrified when chemicals spilling from a…

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Artist probes Russia’s toxic legacy through family history

Pavel Otdelnov recalls how as a child he saw his mother boil his parents’ bedding every day. His father worked in the factories of Dzerzhinsk,…

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Russia will free nearly 100 captive whales from “prison”

After months of public outrage, Russian authorities ordered the release of nearly 100 beluga and orca whales held captive in Russia Thursday, The Associated Press reports….

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Vladimir Putin Awarded Young Scientists in Kremlin

Established in 2008, this year the annual prize is awarded to young scientists and professionals for contribution to advancing Russian science, for creating new equipment and technology that can boost the innovative development of the economy…

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Polar bear invasion in Novaya Zemlya archipelago caused by seasonal migration

The appearance of polar bears in human settlements of the Novaya Zemlya archipelago, which triggered a state of emergency in the region, has been caused…

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Russian Popular Front Proposes Copper Quarry Reclamation to Fight Pollution in Sibay

The republican headquarters of the Russian Popular Front proposes a comprehensive program for the reclamation of sulfur-containing waste dumps in an unexploited copper mine for…

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Seal-cull Ecological Problem

Recent calls to cull B.C. seal and sea lions in the name of protecting salmon reminds me of my Alberta childhood, when I was led…

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