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Silver Fox Study Reveals Genetic Clues to Social Behavior

In 1959, Russian scientists began an experiment to breed a population of silver foxes, selecting and breeding foxes that exhibited friendliness toward people. They wanted…

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Mobile Educational Game “Time Machine: A Quest” Launched by UNDP in Uzbekistan

A new mobile educational game “Time Machine: A Quest” dedicated to the issues of the ozone layer was presented in Tashkent.  The mobile game was…

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Papusha Rocket Will Use Blockchain and Space Tech to Reduce Pollution

Fintech startup Papusha Rocket Technology (PRT) have come up with a new project that fuses the technological innovations of ecology, space and blockchain to help usher in…

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Five Nations Sign Landmark Deal On Status Of Caspian Sea

Leaders of the five states encircling the Caspian sea – Kazakhstan, Russia, Iran, Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan – have signed a landmark declaration determining the legal…

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Arctic Permafrost Thawing Faster Than Expected Speeding Up Climate Change

Arctic permafrost may be thawing decades sooner than expected, according to a new report, releasing trapped greenhouse gases that accelerate climate change. The startling discovery…

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The first smoky skies of the season arrive in Seattle from Siberia

Red moons, strange light, disappearing mountains: It’s the start of wildfire season, complete with this year’s record heat and an oppressive, smoky haze dimming the…

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What DNA From Pet Foxes Teaches Us About Dogs and Humans

A Soviet-era experiment to breed tame and aggressive foxes has produced surprising revelations about social behavior and domestication. For nearly 60 years, Russian scientists have…

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Russia, Iran, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan signed agreement for shared use of Caspian Sea after 20 years of talks

Russia, Iran, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan signed an agreement Sunday for collective use of the Caspian sea after two decades of negotiations, the Kremlin said….

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