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Russian Garbage Problem is Spreading

Many cities are joining the protests against garbage dumps in central Russia, as the problem becomes more and more grotesque. Elderly residents of Moscow region…

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Russian Ecological Bombs Going Off

Recent occurrence in Volokolamsk, when more than 90 people have been poisoned by the chemicals emitted by a local garbage dump is only a tip…

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China’s Pollution Nightmare Creates Opportunities For LNG Exporters

While this is not necessarily news that the Chinese populace wants to hear, a new report released Thursday by the country’s environmental ministry said that…

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Russian Billionaires at War: Ecology is the First Victim

As Russia moves further from 2017, dubbed the Year of Ecology, for some regions environmental prospects look bleaker that to others. And Oligarchs has a…

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Sea ice off Alaska is shrinking dramatically instead of natural growth

This should not be happening: a dramatic wintertime decline in sea ice in the Bering Sea between Feb. 6-16. Darker blue colors show areas with the…

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Norilsk Nickel Plans to Change Its Ecology Issues

Norilsk Nickel, has announced plans to slash dirty emissions – and finally has released a sketch of measures it will undertake to carry that out….

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Russia’s Arctic regions chase government funding to raise Soviet era shipwrecks

Despite the international funding that has poured into the Murmansk area to remove nuclear hazards, other kinds of accumulated environmental damage are crying out for…

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Siberian smog monitors battle for clean air

Weary of local officials dismissing the deadly smog that covers their city, citizens of Siberia’s industrial hub Krasnoyarsk decided to take action and monitor air…

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