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Polar Bears Suffer From Climate Change And Have to Look for Food Alternatives

Polar bears need ice, because ice leads them to seals, and seals are their favorite. But as soon as 2040, the warming Arctic is going…

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The first smoky skies of the season arrive in Seattle from Siberia

Red moons, strange light, disappearing mountains: It’s the start of wildfire season, complete with this year’s record heat and an oppressive, smoky haze dimming the…

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Russia Could ‘Drown’ in Its Own Plastic Waste

Environmental campaigners in Russia are hoping that the World Cup will inspire the country to start recycling more of its waste. Each visitor to the…

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Rising Carbon Dioxide Levels Pose a Previously Unrecognized Threat to Monarch Butterflies

A new study conducted at the University of Michigan reveals a previously unrecognized threat to monarch butterflies: Mounting levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide reduce the…

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Russia’s Regions Work on Programs to Improve Pechora River’s Ecology

Authorities of the Komi and Nenets Regions are working on a program to improve the ecology of the Pechora River’s basin. The Pechora is the…

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Japanese Fans Clean Up Stadium After World Cup Game

Too often, modern sports is about money or advertising, not sportsmanship. But Japanese fans have shown that even after a crazy win, you can still be civil…

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World Cup Stadium Built on a Rare Wildlife Habitat Area

In an ironic twist, a World Cup stadium built to the highest environmental standards has taken over the last of a Russian city’s natural wetlands….

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World Cup Has Divisive Legacy for Russia’s Environment

Russia claims its World Cup stadiums meet the highest environmental standards, yet some have been built on top of ecologically sensitive areas. The site of…

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