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Massive skeleton of extinct sea cow uncovered on Russian beach

The massive skeleton of an extinct sea mammal was uncovered and identified on Russia’s far eastern coastline, the Russian nature ministry announced Friday. The 5.2-meter…

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The Incredible And Mysterious Journey Of Amur Falcon

Amur Falcon (Falco amurensis) is a small bird of prey, a long distance, trans–equatorial migrant and one of the least known bird species among falconiformes…

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Taimyr Nature Reserves: Putorana Plateau mystery and land of returned muskox

Russia’s biggest nature reserve – the Taimyr Nature Reserves – is a great tourist attraction. The Reserves’ office told about a camp, which is organized…

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Life Under Lake Ice Is Vibrant and Alive Researchers Say

As long as ecologists have studied temperate lakes, the winter has been their off-season. It’s difficult, even dangerous, to look under the ice, and they…

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Russian scientists breed the first domesticated foxes

Russian geneticist has done something that took our ancestors thousands of years in just five decades. By selectively breeding hundreds of Vulpes vulpes foxes over multiple…

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‘Russian Subway Dogs’ game looking for funding on Kickstarter

“Russian Subway Dogs” is a game about a stray dog that rides Moscow’s subway trains in its effort to forage for food. It’s a fast-paced…

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The truth on magnetic storms and our health

Research by Siberian scientists gives credence to the long-held popular notion that the Earth’s magnetic field can influence a person’s psychological and physical state. Scientists…

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Infographics: Cornfields vs. Oilfields

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