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Five Nations Sign Landmark Deal On Status Of Caspian Sea

Leaders of the five states encircling the Caspian sea – Kazakhstan, Russia, Iran, Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan – have signed a landmark declaration determining the legal…

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Russia, Iran, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan signed agreement for shared use of Caspian Sea after 20 years of talks

Russia, Iran, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan signed an agreement Sunday for collective use of the Caspian sea after two decades of negotiations, the Kremlin said….

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General Public Should Be Involved in Addressing Environmental Challenges

Problem of pollution may turn into a social and ecological conflict if the necessary steps are not taken in a timely manner, the head of…

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Murmansk Region Invests $16 mln in Ecology Projects

The Murmansk Region allocated about 1 billion rubles ($16 million) for ecology projects under the regional state program, the Murmansk Region’s Prosecutor Vasily Shcherbakov told…

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World Cup Has Divisive Legacy for Russia’s Environment

Russia claims its World Cup stadiums meet the highest environmental standards, yet some have been built on top of ecologically sensitive areas. The site of…

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A Garbage Revolt in Russia Could Create Complexities for Kremlin

A steady stream of garbage-laden trucks moves the waste of Russia’s capital to landfills in the surrounding region. The resulting mountains of refuse emit noxious…

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Arctic Domination: Who will prevail at the rooftop of the world?

The fact of retreating ice at Earth’s poles triggers hot debate over root causes. It fuels discussions about environmental adaptation. It has nations jostling for…

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All illegal dump sites inside cities to be removed within 6 years, says Vladimir Putin

All of the illegal urban dump sites, as detected by January 1, 2018, should be eliminated by 2024, Russian President Vladimir Putin told the government….

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