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When climate leaders protect dirty investments

Solutions to the climate crisis are often associated with big conferences, and the next two weeks will no doubt bring many “answers.” Some 20,000 delegates…

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Russian and North Korea organize the joint monitoring of leopards and tigers

The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea will assist Russia in preservation of population of the Far Eastern leopards and Amur tigers. This issue was discussed…

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Russia to Fight Tobacco Smokers With Severe Taxes

The authorities want to either reduce the number of smoking population of Russia in the next 5 years or increase budget incomes by rising prices…

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France’s ecology minister meets angry farmers and promises ‘shared solution’

French farmers have been protesting France’s proposed ban on glyphosate, Europe’s number one pesticide. Ecology Minister Nicolas Hulot tried to engage in dialogue with them…

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Russia Ombudsman Tatiana Moskalkova Plans to Seek Environmental Rights Protection in Courts

Russian human rights commissioners will go to courts lodging administrative lawsuits to protect citizens’ rights to favorable environment, Ombudsman Tatiana Moskalkova told reporters on Friday….

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Disputed Kuril Islands May See Tourists Due To Russia & Japan Mutual Efforts

Moscow and Tokyo are discussing the possibility of organizing cruises around the South Kuril Islands, the Kyodo news agency reports quoting diplomatic sources. This is…

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President Putin: Russia and Finland to expand Arctic cooperation

The President Vladimir Putin said that Russia and Finland will expand cooperation in the Arctic during his visit to Finland at the personal invitation of…

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Head of Ministry of Natural Resources suspected of conflict of interests in distribution of benefits for Novatek

Minister of Natural Resources and Ecology Sergey Donskoy is suspected of a conflict of interest in the granting of benefits and permits to the oil…

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