Energy Efficiency

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New Ecological Equipment launched at Beloretsk Metallurgical Plant

Russian steel holding Mechel, reports that Beloretsk Metallurgical Plant launched new ecological equipment in its high strength wire workshop. The upgrade enabled the plant to…

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Buildings must be the foundation of a green city

Densely-populated cities are good for the environment in many ways. Condominiums and apartment buildings are more efficiently and easily heated and cooled. Public transport systems…

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Arctic transport: what needs to be changed

Russia’s Arctic regions expect subsidies for reconstruction and renovation of runways at small regional airfields, and they need assistance in putting together a concept for…

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Norilsk Nickel’s Investment of $14 mln into machinery upgrade of Kola GMK turns ecologically positive

Russian mining and metals company Norilsk Nickel will allocate 800 mln rubles ($14 mln) to acquire new machinery for Severny Mine of its affiliate Kola…

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City of Oktyabrsky entered Top-5 cities of Russia convenient for separate waste collection

The city of Oktyabrsky is the most convenient city for separate waste collection in Bashkortostan. The Greenpeace specialists put this settlement in the fourth place….

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Norilsk Nickel to finance social projects in three Russian regions

Russia’s leading mining and metallurgical company Norilsk Nickel (NorNickel) announced winners of a competition among social projects, organized under its charity program World of New…

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Russia’s Yamal LNG project takes its toll on Arctic environment

It is one of the biggest industrial projects in the Arctic ever. And it has not come without a price for the environment. Not only…

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The Four Laws of Ecology and The Four Anti-ecological Laws of Capitalism

In order to understand the ecological impact of these trends, it is useful to look at what Barry Commoner and others have referred to as…

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