Energy Efficiency

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Sludge drying beds reconstructed at Kazanorgsintez

Kazanorgsintez continues to implement environmentally significant projects. The reconstructed sludge drying beds have been recently launched on the territory of the shop of effluent neutralization…

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International Students Discuss Ecology Questions in Sochi

A delegation of young talents from Africa are actively participating in the World Festival of Youth and Students (WFYS) which is currently being held in…

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Russia to invest in Arctic tourism as visitor numbers climb

Russia’s government has committed to a plan to invest in the development of Arctic tourism as part of a broader spending plan to boost efforts…

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‘Circle of Light’: the Festival of Impressions in Moscow

The theatrical and musical classics, masterpieces of the world’s tallest architecture, the world of feelings and natural wonders of the world are the basis for…

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Soil erosion in European Russia studied in a grant-funded project

Head of the Space Ecology Lab, Professor Oleg Yermolaev talks about the basic idea of the project, “We have tasked ourselves with finding out how…

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Russia’s Arctic Oil Is Off Limits For Private Drillers

On the last day of summer 2017, Russia’s Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev held a government session dedicated to the development of the country’s territories in…

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Kawasaki Heavy Industries May Help Russian Far East to Switch From Coal to Gas

Japan’s Kawasaki Heavy Industries is willing to cooperate with Russia in replacing coal power generation in the Far East with natural gas, the company’s Representative Director Shigeru Murayama told Sputnik on Wednesday….

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Sentinel satellite heads to Russia for rocket launch

The new Sentinel-5 Precursor pollution monitoring satellite by Airbus is getting ready for its launch in September. To be launched aboard a Rokot rocket, the…

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