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Rescue attempt underway to save whale stranded in Russian Far Eastern river

Russian Minister of Natural Resources and Ecology Sergey Donskoy is personally monitoring the operation to rescue the whale that became stranded in the river mouth…

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Beavers Destroyed 300 Hectares of Russian Woods

Beavers have damaged over 300 hectares of forest in Russia’s Novgorod region since the beginning of the year. According to officials with the Novgorod Forest…

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Major rescue underway with at least 16 people missing after Russian diamond mine floods

Rescue teams are desperately searching for at least 16 workers reported missing in a mine owned by a group of Russian diamond hunters after the pit flooded….

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Lake Baikal: Protection of a unique ecosystem

Researchers are studying the impact of climate change and environmental toxins on the lake’s fauna. They addressed the question of how Baikal amphipods that fulfill…

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Irkutsk region officials destroy unique national park for construction of camp sites and cottages

Municipal authorities unlawfully allocated part of the protected land on the island of Olkhon on Lake Baikal for the construction of tourist accommodation. The total…

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Russia ordered to pay €5.4 million for seizing Arctic Sunrise

An international tribunal formed under the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea has ruled that Russia will have to pay the Netherlands €5.4…

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Speedier sea ice in warming Arctic could spread pollution farther

In the Arctic, bad news for one country could mean bad news for all. As the region warms faster than the rest of the planet,…

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Methane blasts holes in Siberian tundra, prompting warnings

Smoke, flames and a tremendous blast marked the most recent formation of a new crater in the thawing tundra of the Yamal Peninsula in Russia…

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