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Major rescue underway with at least 16 people missing after Russian diamond mine floods

Rescue teams are desperately searching for at least 16 workers reported missing in a mine owned by a group of Russian diamond hunters after the pit flooded….

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Lake Baikal: Protection of a unique ecosystem

Researchers are studying the impact of climate change and environmental toxins on the lake’s fauna. They addressed the question of how Baikal amphipods that fulfill…

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Mysterious Russian craters hints trouble for our planet

The rising temperatures in Northern Siberia are causing mysterious giant craters. Scientists are concerned this could be warning for further catastrophe. This is due to…

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Irkutsk region officials destroy unique national park for construction of camp sites and cottages

Municipal authorities unlawfully allocated part of the protected land on the island of Olkhon on Lake Baikal for the construction of tourist accommodation. The total…

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Speedier sea ice in warming Arctic could spread pollution farther

In the Arctic, bad news for one country could mean bad news for all. As the region warms faster than the rest of the planet,…

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Methane blasts holes in Siberian tundra, prompting warnings

Smoke, flames and a tremendous blast marked the most recent formation of a new crater in the thawing tundra of the Yamal Peninsula in Russia…

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Nuclear waste removal starts in Andreeva Bay

Earlier this week, the first seven of totally 22,000 spent nuclear fuel elements that are stored in some dilapidated concrete tanks were taken out. The…

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Russian ferry Korund in danger after engine failure at Belaya River in Bashkiria

The ferry Korund suffered engine failure during passage of failure at Belaya River in Bashkiria, Russia. The vessel lost control and was adrifted by the…

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