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What DNA From Pet Foxes Teaches Us About Dogs and Humans

A Soviet-era experiment to breed tame and aggressive foxes has produced surprising revelations about social behavior and domestication. For nearly 60 years, Russian scientists have…

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Russia, Iran, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan signed agreement for shared use of Caspian Sea after 20 years of talks

Russia, Iran, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan signed an agreement Sunday for collective use of the Caspian sea after two decades of negotiations, the Kremlin said….

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Scientists Find Amazingly Preserved 40,000-YO Baby Horse in Siberian Permafrost

The ancient foal was found in the permafrost of the Batagaika depression, also known as the “Gateway to the Underworld,” by Russian and Japanese scientists,…

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Vladimir Putin Noticed Positive Environmental Projects Performed by MMK

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin has marked the environmental initiatives of Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works with a letter, sent to the company’s employees,…

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Uzbekistan Has Created The Agency for Development of Nuclear Energy

President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev signed a decree “On Measures for the Development of Nuclear Energy in the Republic of Uzbekistan” and a resolution “On…

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Russian Inbound Tourism Benefiting From The FIFA World Cup 2018

The FIFA World Cup has just ended in Russia resulting in a boost for local tourism. In the past years officials and authorities have paid…

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General Public Should Be Involved in Addressing Environmental Challenges

Problem of pollution may turn into a social and ecological conflict if the necessary steps are not taken in a timely manner, the head of…

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Russia Could ‘Drown’ in Its Own Plastic Waste

Environmental campaigners in Russia are hoping that the World Cup will inspire the country to start recycling more of its waste. Each visitor to the…

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