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Dmitry Medvedev signs the plan of priority projects implementation — ecology is in the list

Russian Prime-Minister Dmitry Medvedev signed the decree and order on the process and implementation plan for priority projects and programs of strategic development. As it…

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Countries unite to protect Southern Ocean in Antarctica

For years, world leaders have been arguing over the best way to protect the chilly Southern Ocean at the bottom of the world from threats…

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Ecology ministers of Azerbaijan and India will meet to discuss illegal activities in occupied Azerbaijani lands

The ecology ministers of Azerbaijan and India are to meet in the coming days to discuss illegal activities of foreign companies in occupied Azerbaijani lands,…

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Spoon-billed sandpiper population revealed in far eastern Arctic Russia

For the first time, scientists have calculated the world population of the spoon-billed sandpiper, after overcoming a number of difficult challenges including limited knowledge about…

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Russia holds key to Antarctic marine living resources

At the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources (CCAMLR) currently meeting in Hobart, Australia, the Antarctic Ocean Alliance are appealing for nations to ensure the future of the…

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Airlines are to cough up for cross-border flight pollution

Civil aviation accounts for perhaps only 2% of man-made carbon emissions. Add in other pollutants, such as contrails and nitrous oxide, and the industry’s overall contribution…

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Smoke from raging Russian wildfires blew thousands of miles and almost passed Pacific Ocean

Smoke streams from multiple Russian wildfires on Sept 28, 2016, as seen by NASA’s Terra satellite. Active burning is marked in red. Lake Baikal is…

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World needs Russia to Protect Ross Sea of Antarctica

The key to protecting Antarctica’s Ross Sea may well lie with Russia. On Monday the Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources, comprising…

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