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Bellona Environmental Group Named “Foreign Agent Organization” by Kremlin

2017, officially designated as Russia’s “Year of Ecology,” is off to a disastrous start. On January 16, the authorities labeled one of the country’s most…

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Sergey Donskoy and Sergey Ivanov opened the new environmental center in Nikel city

The top representatives from Moscow today get acquainted with one of the most polluted sites in the whole Russian Arctic as they arrive in Nikel,…

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100 Years of Fight: How Russia Protects its Nature

Russia’s tumultuous history includes one legacy little known outside its borders—a vast system of protected lands that conservationists have fought for decades to study and…

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Emissions must be cut by at least 50% in Russia, says Vladimir Putin

«Our main issue is to get a drastic reduction of emissions […] by means of technological transformation of industry, the introduction of the best available…

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Russia’s first ecological channel Eco TV to go on air in 2017

Russia’s first public ecological television channel Eco TV may be launched in 2017 (declared the Year of Ecology nationwide by Russian President Vladimir Putin) renowned…

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Russia settles Arctic issues with Norway

In spring of 2017, Russia and Norway are going to sign an agreement on conducting a geological exploration in the former disputed zone located in…

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Russia and UK Unite Forces to Fight Against Global Warming

Climate change for Russia and the UK is an issue of mutual interest, one on which the two countries should continue their constructive dialogue. On…

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Russia Should Take Care of Natural Resources Preservation Said Vladimir Putin

Russia should make efforts to preserve the country’s environmental resources, including the forests, Russian President Vladimir Putin said Friday. “We should continue taking care of preservation of forests….

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