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Stop GOK: Chelyabinsk Activists Blocking Construction of the New Copper Plant

Twelve kilometres from the city of Chelyabinsk, the Russian Copper Company (RMK) is planning to build a new ore mining and enrichment plant. This Urals…

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Major rescue underway with at least 16 people missing after Russian diamond mine floods

Rescue teams are desperately searching for at least 16 workers reported missing in a mine owned by a group of Russian diamond hunters after the pit flooded….

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Disputed Kuril Islands May See Tourists Due To Russia & Japan Mutual Efforts

Moscow and Tokyo are discussing the possibility of organizing cruises around the South Kuril Islands, the Kyodo news agency reports quoting diplomatic sources. This is…

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President Putin: Russia and Finland to expand Arctic cooperation

The President Vladimir Putin said that Russia and Finland will expand cooperation in the Arctic during his visit to Finland at the personal invitation of…

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Mysterious Russian craters hints trouble for our planet

The rising temperatures in Northern Siberia are causing mysterious giant craters. Scientists are concerned this could be warning for further catastrophe. This is due to…

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Big tobacco leaves huge ecological footprint -WHO

Tobacco growing is causing “massive harm” to the environment through the extensive use of chemicals, energy and water, and pollution from manufacturing and distribution, the…

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Head of Ministry of Natural Resources suspected of conflict of interests in distribution of benefits for Novatek

Minister of Natural Resources and Ecology Sergey Donskoy is suspected of a conflict of interest in the granting of benefits and permits to the oil…

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Sentinel satellite heads to Russia for rocket launch

The new Sentinel-5 Precursor pollution monitoring satellite by Airbus is getting ready for its launch in September. To be launched aboard a Rokot rocket, the…

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