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Oil spilled at Far Eastern Marine Reserve in Russia

Oil spilled at the waters of the Far Eastern Marine Reserve off the coast of Khasan district of Primorye, Russia. Tourists spotted an oil film…

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The truth on magnetic storms and our health

Research by Siberian scientists gives credence to the long-held popular notion that the Earth’s magnetic field can influence a person’s psychological and physical state. Scientists…

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Northern exposure: Life in Norilsk, Russia’s most polluted city

Almost completely shut off from the outside world, the city of Norilsk in northern Siberia is a surreal place dominated by the world’s largest nickel…

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Russian presidential administration head dismissed

Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a decree relieving Sergei Ivanov from his position as head of the presidential administration and appointing Anton Vaino as…

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“Bridging Thailand and Russia” Seminar successfully held at Royal Cliff

On 22 July 2016, Royal Cliff Hotels Group was the venue for the “Bridging Thailand and Russia” seminar by the Thai-Russian Chamber of Commerce. More…

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Researchers uncover new insights on Great Lakes monuments

The study, published recently in the journal PNAS, provides an important new geospatial approach for archaeologists and other cultural heritage professionals who have grappled with…

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Oil and Gas Drilling Threatens Little-Known but Unique Seal

A first-of-its-kind study tracks the migration of the rare Caspian seal to show how pollution and overfishing are taking a toll on the marine mammal….

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Siberia’s wildfires seen from 1 million miles away: even the tundra is burning

Greenpeace claim authorities underestimate the scale of destruction, amid warnings of lack of resources to fight fires. These exceptional images show how the smoke trails of…

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