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Russia’s Arctic regions chase government funding to raise Soviet era shipwrecks

Despite the international funding that has poured into the Murmansk area to remove nuclear hazards, other kinds of accumulated environmental damage are crying out for…

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Siberian smog monitors battle for clean air

Weary of local officials dismissing the deadly smog that covers their city, citizens of Siberia’s industrial hub Krasnoyarsk decided to take action and monitor air…

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City of Oktyabrsky entered Top-5 cities of Russia convenient for separate waste collection

The city of Oktyabrsky is the most convenient city for separate waste collection in Bashkortostan. The Greenpeace specialists put this settlement in the fourth place….

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GMO Food Linked to Sterility, Infant Mortality in Hamsters

“This study was just routine,” said Russian biologist Alexey V. Surov, in what could end up as the understatement of this century. Surov and his…

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Temporary shelters set up for stray dogs in Russia ahead of World Cup

Russia has vowed to stop killing stray dogs that roam the country’s streets ahead of this summer’s World Cup. Instead, temporary kennels will be set…

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200,000 endangered saiga antelopes suddenly dropped dead

In May 2015, we covered a mysterious occurrence involving 200,000 critically endangered saiga antelopes (Saiga tatarica) dropping dead over only a few weeks time. Now we have answers to…

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Unearthing The Capitalocene: Towards A Reparations Ecology

Settled agriculture, cities, nation-states, information technology and every other facet of the modern world have unfolded within a long era of climatic good fortune. Those…

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Leading Environmentalists Violently Attacked in Russia

This week, Russia’s Ministry of Justice removed Environmental Watch on the North Caucasus from the list of “foreign agents” because it no longer receives foreign funding. Andrei Rudomakha,…

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